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AdvancED Accreditation

Kilimanjaro International School is an institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a division of Advanced®, and by ICIF (International Center for Integral Formation), after having successfully completed a two year evaluation process.

What is Advanced®?

Advanced® is the largest accrediting institution in the world devoted to the promotion of educational excellence. Through a rigorous evaluation process, Advanced® accredits institutions that meet these international standards of quality in education. Advanced® has more than 100 years crediting educational institutions in 70 countries around the world.

In order to be accredited, schools should engage in a systematic and regular program of self-assessment, supported by a plan of continuous improvement and development. 

Advanced® has defined standards and indicators for educational quality, and accredits colleges that meet them. The approach of all these indicators is the improvement in student learning, and checks it with:

  1. Compliance with the improvement plan proposed by the school.
  2. Compliance with the actions required by the accreditation, for which there is a 2 years term.
  3. Regular cycles to maintain accreditation (every 5 years).