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Instituto Kilimanjaro was founded in 1995 with the goal of educating and shaping tomorrow’s leaders to strengthen and enrich our society. Our institution was officially inaugurated on September 4th 1995, with a total of 43 students ranging from Pre k to K3. The Institution was run by Miss Leslie Araceli Esquivel de García and we received the blessing of our first facilities from father Antonio Herrero, L.C. Our facilities consisted in a rental house that was enabled for our use with classrooms and outdoor spaces, we were located for three school years in this building in Paseo de los Leones #1096, Col. Leones, Monterrey, N.L. In the 97-98 school year, we received 200 students, this sped up the construction process of our new facilities and it was therefore necessary to momentarily lease another location in Paseo de los Leones #1104 col. Cumbres 1° sector, Monterrey, N.L.


Our current facilities back then consisted in a three story building (elementary school) and the preschool and junior high school buildings were built later on.


We are currently celebrating our 20th anniversary (2014-2015), we’ve been offering our families, for the past 20 years, an outstanding academic level, solid moral grounds that enable our students to live an emotional leadership to transform their surroundings.